Emotional Intelligence

Developing and cultivating emotional intelligence can at times be challenging. It’s human nature to feel a certain way regarding certain people, situations, topics etc. Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage and handle emotions. It’s essential to both personal and professional success. Daniel Goleman developed 5 key elements toContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence”

Life’s Humor…

Life has a weird sense of humor. Everything can be going perfect and out of no where you’re faced with nuances that disrupt your life. We will all face adversities navigating through this Labyrinth called life, but we must equipped ourselves with the tools to ensure smooth sailing. Stay positive & faithful. God has aContinue reading “Life’s Humor…”

Founders’ Day Eve

It is very exciting to see all of my Sorors preparing for Founders’ Day tomorrow. There is currently an initiative to reactive inactive Sorors. The response has been phenomenal. I have gained so much insight and knowledge from being around the esteemed women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Trust God

Navigating through life can be tedious and confusing. Coupled with a global pandemic it can really prove to be difficult. God has a way of providing guidance, in the most discreet way. It may not always be the direction we think is beat bit ultimately he has our best interest in mind.

Curating Relationships

Lately I have been really evaluating the relationships around me. I want to be around people who nature and cultivate me and I would like to do the same in return. As you get older you value quality over quantity at least I do. I recognize that I had to make adjustments in my circleContinue reading “Curating Relationships”

Weight Loss Journey

For the past year I have been on weight loss journey. This morning I weighed in and wasn’t happy with the number I saw on the scale. How often does this happen to us. It is often recommended not to use the scale as a basis for weight loss success. For me the scale holdsContinue reading “Weight Loss Journey”

Hamptons July 4th

“The Rancher in Stilettos” is heading to the Hamptons! Check out our newest partnership!! Follow our website for upcoming events/promos. https://… Hamptons July 4th


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