Choosing Your Branding Logo

One of the most interesting processes involved in business branding is choosing an appropriate LOGO which is the first appearance of your business.

And just like a lady preparing for a party, you are preparing for the MARKET PLACE which might even be saturated by the way.

This means you can’t afford to appear regular, or unnoticeable. You have to make a STRONG statement in the market place.

So what is a LOGO?

A logo is a means of identification used to recognize a company, product, or service. It may include letters, symbols, or both.

Here are a few steps on how to choose an outstanding LOGO:

Pick out the name of your brand.
Consider the services you want to offer and choose a name. The name can be a combination of your name or that of the product/service rendered. Ensure you pick something extraordinary and unique.

Understand the industry of the brand. Your industry determines your product and service. Your industry determines color choices to go with your brand which should reflect in your Logo. Never forget that, your industry also determines your target audience.

Create a MEMORABLE Logo.
To create or finally design and craft your logo, you need to attract the attention of your potential customers. There is just something about the Apple logo that makes you want to look the second and third time. Boom! You are already purchasing the product.

What other qualities do you think an ideal “Logo” should have? Kindly share in the comment section.

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